Acieloabierto is a network of contemporary dance festivals in non-conventional spaces, which was founded in 2013 as a non-profit cultural association. It is currently formed of 12 festivals that base a part of their program in unconventional spaces.

The network was officially presented during the Feria Internacional de Teatro y Danza in Huesca in September 2013.

Mission: to serve as a channel of information, a resource for meeting and exchange, a platform for the construction of projects and a tool for the visibility of contemporary dance in the public space.

Vision: To be a national and international reference in the field of contemporary dance in unconventional spaces.

Values: Commitment to culture, transparency, internal democracy, cooperation and a balanced development of the country, participation, the search for the common good, utility, an inclusive profession, public service and sustainability.


1. Provide tools for the sustainability of member festivals and for their artistic and organizational development.

  • Facilitate the knowledge of models of action: the Network as a breeding ground for experiences, good practices and cooperation projects.
  • Strengthen the participation of its partners.
  • Encourage the exchange between members of the Network and with other actors in the cultural ecosystem.
  • Provide access to relevant information, especially for new sources of funding.
  • Promote cooperative projects.
  • Give access to new members.
  • Improve the efficiency in management and service.
  • Ensure transparency in the actions of the network.

2. Giving visibility to contemporary dance in public spaces.

  • Create the terms for the circulation of works and artists.
  • Improve the promotion and marketing of festivals.
  • Presence in forums, fairs, contemporary dance and urban / street art platforms to promote the network.

3. Give a voice to the sector to generate representatives.

  • Participate in debates and forums on cultural policies.
  • Collaborate with other platforms or networks.


General Assembly: The decision-making body of the Network, composed of all its members and which makes decisions on all issues regarding the operation of the Network.

Commissions: The commissions assume the technical functions commissioned by the assembly. They are primarily intended to assist in the construction of cooperation projects but can also be used for other tasks.

The Board: The members that represent the Network, the board represents the will of the assembly and maintains regular relations with the coordination office. The Board of Directors is currently formed by the festivals Dantza Hirian, Mes de Danza, Corpo(a)Terra and Trayectos.

Coordination Office: The office that is responsible for developing the administrative tasks of the Network. This year the coordination of the Circuit is carried out by the festival Trayectos (Zaragoza).

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